Sanjiv Mehra and EOS Takeover

EOS lip balm is one of the best lip balms on the market today. It smells good, and it makes your lips soft. The world would never be the same if Sanjiv Mehra had never co-founded the EOS brand. Fortunately for all of the fans, it did happen. The company started with the goal to shake up the personal care care market. That meant that the competition had to make some strikes to keep up to beat EOS. This is what happened.

EOS, or the Evolution of Smooth, wanted to create a product that would rule the lip balms. It accomplished that with a few simple strategies. The first thing that happened was a bit of research. What made people buy one brand of lip balms over the other? Then, the design needed to be evaluated. That was typically the secret to creating a fabulous product in any market. That’s exactly what Mehra did with EOS,

What was discovered was the flavor and the packaging ruled the markets. So far, not much had happened to make the lip balms anything special. The greatest competition was Burts Bees, and that was created by Clorox. That wasn’t going to be too hard to defeat.

The first part was accomplished, now EOS had to be creative in how to get the name of the product out to the buyer. It did this by marketing through celebrities. Celebrities are always the best way to get any product launch going. EOS knew that and did exactly what was needed to make it the new “it” product. Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, were the two largest names in the spokesperson category. It was done. Before long, the commercial launched and people everywhere had to have those little colorful balls for their own. It worked perfectly for Sanjiv Mehra. Today, EOS lip balm can be found in supermarkets. Among the stores that sell EOS lip balm are Walgreens, Walmart, Lucky Vitamin and Target

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Manaíra Shopping Mall (Av. Gov. Flávio Ribeiro Coutinho, 805 – Manaíra) is a prime shopping attraction in João Pessoa, the capital of the Brazilian state of Paraíba. It is João Pessoa’s largest shopping mall, and one of the largest in all of Brazil. Construction began on the mall in February 1988, and it opens its doors to shoppers the following year.

Far more than just a place to purchase new clothes and electronics, Manaíra Shopping Mall is an engaging experience, complete with entertainment and dining options that encourage shoppers to stay and play. The real estate developer behind this marvel of shopping engineering is Roberto Santiago. Read more about the mall on

Santiago was born in 1958 and grew up in João Pessoa, the oldest city in Brazil. A self-made entrepreneur, he started out in business with a company that made and folded cardboard packaging. He attended a Marist school, then earned a degree in Business Administration and, in 1989, entered the real estate business. The Manaíra Shopping Mall was part of Santiago’s vision for bringing more business and entertainment to João Pessoa. When he isn’t working, Roberto Santiago indulges his passions for the sports of motocross and kart racing.

Renowned for its fabulous dining in its spectacular food court, Manaíra Shopping Mall’s anchor restaurant is Capital Steak House, which opened there in 2014. Mall shoppers can also enjoy gourmet treats from Brazilian and international restaurants and kiosks like Coffee Shop São Braz, Empadinhas Barnabé, Quero Mais Churros, Chopp da Brahma, and Sushi Bessa.

The mall is also the location of Domus Hall, a concert theater that opened in 2009. The two-level performance and exhibition venue has a mezzanine with its own bars, private rooms that hold up to 10 people, and lounge music. The venue attracts top singers who might not have otherwise visited João Pessoa. Domus Hall can hold a crowd of about 8,000 people (standing) or 2,000 seated patrons.

The College of Higher Education of Paraíba is also located at the mall, as are a 3D movie theater, fitness center, and a large gaming center that includes a bowling alley and an electronic arcade.


While João Pessoa has not traditionally been one of Brazil’s cities most heavily visited by tourists, this is starting to change, and Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall is in part responsible for increased traffic to the Manaíra neighborhood. João Pessoa enjoys a reputation within Brazil as being a safe and friendly city to visit. As more foreign visitors begin to discover this gem on Brazil’s northeastern coast, Roberto Santiago’s vision of João Pessoa as a prime destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment is increasingly coming true. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho.

Samuel Strauch: The Young Face Of Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is a young, energetic real estate agent based in Florida. He has been licensed a realtor for last 14 years and is currently linked with Affinity Group Inc in Miami Beach. He did his undergraduate studies in business at Hofstra University. He also studies at Erasmus University and Harvard University.

After completing his studies, Strauch started a career in banking before he entered the world of real estate. Strauch established his company in 2002, which he continues to grow to this day. During his career as a real estate agent, Strauch has completed huge transactions in various areas including Miami Beach, Aventura, Hollywood, and Sunny Isles Beach. According to HomeLight, Strauch is one of the top 12% successful real estate agents in Miami and one of the top 16% who has sold homes on fast rate.

Strauch’s career as a real estate agent reflects a conspicuous alliance between purpose and dedication. The personality of Strauch is distinguished by his percipient and curious mind, which has played a crucial role in making him a successful example both in his personal and professional life. He is an enthusiastic photographer, a passionate cyclist and inclined towards meditation. Strauch has a firm belief in the concept of individual efforts to foster human development and he emphatically thinks that everyone should contribute to this shared goal in whatever he or she can do.

In short time, Samuel Strauch has been able to what many only dreams of doing in their lifetime. Strauch’s consistency in achieving success over the years speaks volume about the remarkable attributes he carries. He does not believe in sacrificing small good things at the altar of big things and thinks that the tiniest actions have the propensity to lead to the substantial sources of positive change.

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George Soros Draws The Ideals Of Professor Karl Popper As The Basis Of Successful Societies

In the world today, there are lots of people who lack necessities such as food, shelter, and education. There is also a good number of them who face political injustices and marginalization. One billionaire philanthropist has always been in the forefront to help this groups of people. George Soros is his name. To date, George Soros has spent slightly over $12 billion of his fortune on charities that seek to alleviate the suffering of many individuals across the globe. Soros, through his charities, has facilitated programs that strive to enhance freedom of expression, encourage transparency and accountability in governments and foster societies that promote fairness and the common good. Read more on

In the wake of the Presidential victory of Donald Trump, George Soros moved in, to cushion groups of people he felt would be affected by the negative remarks of the Trump administration’s agenda. In Europe, He has supported the Roma population who had been victims of segregation by the larger society because of their sexuality or profession e.g. sex workers.

The resolve to help others is primarily drawn from the fact that George Soros has been a victim of social injustices and intolerance. The native of Hungary, George lived through the war-torn times of the Second World War. He experienced the brutality that was meted on over 500,000 Hungarian Jews. Had it not been his father’s ingenuity, he and his family would not have survived. George’s father procured false identities that hid their backgrounds enabling them to escape Nazi executions. George Soros is known to report that his family refused to submit to its fate by resisting a big evil force that could have consumed them. This period of war was also the first time he saw the possibility of humanity to help others because they not only survived but they were also able to rescue caught in the same situation.

After the war, George left his homeland to pursue opportunities in the UK. His first stop was at the London School of Economics where he had to look for menial jobs to sustain his education at the prestigious college. After his undergraduate, he moved to the United States where his career in finance kicked off.

Through his brainchild, the Soros Fund Management George has been able to claim his space in the community of billionaires. He is ranked among the most affluent individuals in the world. George uses his fortune to run community programs through the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

The OSF is a group of charities, partners, and initiatives in over 100 nations across the globe. The organizations borrow from the philosophical ideals of Professor Karl Popper. The scholar advances arguments that no society will prosper as long as it stifles democratic governance, freedom of expression, transparency, and respect for human rights.

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Troy McQuagge Wins Prestigious Award from Planet One

USHEALTH Group has always been at the top of the medical insurance scene in America. A company that gets to that level is sure to have some of the best corporate backings to guide it down the path of success. That statement shines true when it comes to the company and their leader Troy McQuagge. Troy McQuagge currently serves as the CEO of USHEALTH Group and is known to be one of the most efficient and effective leaders that the company has seen in a long time. He is known to be an excellent leader with amazing leadership skills. Under his leadership, USHEALTH Group has transitioned into one of the best and has managed to retain its position at the top of the insurance field.

At the beginning of this year, Troy McQuagge was awarded for his efforts in USHEALTH Group. He was the recipient of the CEO of The Year award which was given by One Planet Awards. These annual awards are given to people who show exemplary skill in their fields. One Planet Awards is known to give this award to some of the best in the corporate spheres, ranging from finance to advertising. Because Troy McQuagge has shown superior leadership skills as the CEO of USHEALTH Group, he was seen as one of the fittest people to receive this prestigious award and Troy of Twitter.

Troy McQuagge possesses excellent qualities that a CEO must possess to lead his company efficiently. His impeccable skills were nurtured through the years because of the numerous amount of businesses and people that Troy McQuagge has worked with in the past. All this experience has made him the leader he is today, which is why he can do what he does. He has lots of knowledge regarding the field of insurance and finance. Using all these skills, he has managed to gain the respect of the people who come to USHEALTH Group as well as the employees that work there and what Troy knows.

Even though Troy McQuagge was the recipient of one of the most prestigious awards in the field of insurance, he did not take all the credit for himself. During his acceptance speech, he credited a lot of the success of the company to the employees who work for him and read full article.

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How Sam Tabar Has Helped Girls and Women In Africa Access Sanitary Products

In 2017, no one can refute that financial consultants are among the leading earners in the world. Despite the public outrage and outcry about the insane amounts of money these professionals receive as salaries and bonuses, the trend persists.

Individuals and brands rely too much on the breadth of experience and skill st possessed by financial minds like Sam Tabar. Hiring a brilliant mind like Sam Tabar is a service which doesn’t come cheap. But in return, the client company’s know very well that are on course to making double-digit gains for their shareholders, soon enough.

Legal and Finance Consultation

Sam’s clients have a lot to gain from his legal background. How so? Every deal and transaction, no matter the size and scale, ought to adhere and abide by the enacted laws and regulations of the jurisdictions they take place. Failure to follow the due protocols is a sure prerequisite for legal prosecution.

Sam Tabar and the rest of the experts help you as a client to avoid any penalties and fines as you go about securing your financial future. The legal support coupled with the refined financial acumen gained by Tabar in the last thirty-odd year’s makes up for a powerful combo worth investing in. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

What is Full Cycle All About?

In March 2007, Sam started working as the M.D in charge of the Sparx Group/PMA. His stint at the conglomerate lasted a good four years and it saw him move constantly between, New York, Tokyo and Hong-Kong offices run by the same hedge fund company. FullCycle Inc. is a rapidly growing Eco-friendly venture specializing in efficient waste management handling services, mostly, for chemical plants and urban areas.

Introducing SheThinx by Mr. Tabar

While in Asia, Sam Tabar came face to face with the deplorable conditions the people in the villages had to endear. Being an altruist by birth, the investor decided to take off his investing hat and instead put on his humanitarian hat.

Sam Tabar was appalled to learn that girls had to miss school when they were on their menstrual cycles. Women had to stay indoors for days on that time of the month because sanitary pads weren’t available. That’s what inspired the Oxford and Cambridge-educated attorney-cum-investor to start his charitable company, SheThinx.

Today, thanks to the program, thousands of women in Uganda and all over remote Africa have the reusable sanitary pads products donated by Sam and his development partners. Now, isn’t that something?

How End Citizens United Seeks to Raise $35 Million for the Upcoming Midterm Congressional Elections

As a political action committee, End Citizens United is renowned for its political fundraising efforts. The PAC recently raised $4 million in the first quarter of the year 2017. It also seeks to generate over $35 million before the 2018 Congress midterm elections begin. During the 2016 elections, End Citizens United managed to raise $25 million. This fundraiser was regarded as the PAC’s first election cycle.


About 100,000 people donated the money raised by End Citizens United in 2016. According to the PAC’s executive manager, Tiffany Muller, almost half of these people had contributed for the first time. Muller also said that the PAC’s vision is to elect leaders who advocate for reforms in campaign financing.


One of the political candidates supported by End Citizens United is Jon Ossoff, who is running for Congress under the Democratic Party ticket. The PAC managed to convince its donors to contribute $500,000 to finance Ossoff’s congressional campaign. Ossoff seeks to be elected as the Health and Human Services Secretary for Atlanta.


Besides supporting Ossoff’s congressional campaign, End Citizens United is also evaluating the political races scheduled for 2018. The PAC’s focus is on Democratic Party candidates. Other aspiring leaders who will benefit from the PAC’s support include Jon Tester of Montana and Sherrod Brown of Ohio. End Citizens United’s president, Muller, previously served as the deputy political director of the campaign arm of Senate Democrats.


About End Citizens United


The political action committee derived its name from the Citizens United policy enacted by the Supreme Court in 2010. This policy allowed political candidates to be funded by corporates, united groups, and individuals. The policy also led to the establishment of PACs that can raise unlimited amounts of cash for campaigns.


Since its establishment in 2015, End Citizens United has always focused on changing the present campaign finance systems. The PAC has also strived to end the negative impacts of Citizens United. This is because previous aspirants relied on heavy financial support to win elections. The PAC seeks to inform voters, the press, candidates, and elected officials about the mechanisms adopted by grassroots people to ensure that campaign finance systems are transparent.


End Citizens United is also on a mission to pressure lawmakers and the public to take action. The PAC’s mission is to limit the amount of cash donated by wealthy individuals and multi-million corporations. As a policy, End Citizens United does not accept over $5,000 donation from an individual.


To achieve this mission, the PAC usually supports and elects pro-reform aspirants. The PAC also creates nationwide awareness on the issue of Big Money in politics. This approach has helped American citizens to focus on voting for aspirants without being considering their campaign budgets.


Wen Fig Conditioner: Should You Try It?

If you’ve seen the infomercials on YouTube for Wen hair care products, you know that the cleansing and styling products from the brand are quite popular. There are even several celebrities who have tried Wen and endorse the products.

Wen is known for being free of synthetic chemicals and nourishing the hair with essential oils and plant extracts. If you want to start using all natural products on your hair, check out this review from Bustle to decide if Wen is right for you.

Emily McClure from Bustle tried Wen Fig conditioner for a week and says that she felt a difference in her hair on the first day. She states that the conditioner made her hair heavier, so when she tried to heat-style it later on in the week, her curls fell flat quickly. However, Emily was still satisfied with the way her hair looked and felt.

By the time the experiment was nearly over, Emily’s friends noticed that her hair was shinier than usual. McClure says Wen’s Fig conditioner is great for women who want to moisturize their hair and give it more volume. She also shares that the product works well for women who wash and blow dry their hair daily, since the conditioner shields the hair from heat damage. Wen products are available online on Amazon or directly from the website.

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Wine Consultants Connect Fine

Wines With High End Collectors
A glass of wine isn’t merely a beverage – it is now an investment piece worth over thousands to some collectors. Demand is growing for desirable bottles and high end wine collectors now look to wine consultants to assist them in growing their collections.

UKV PLC is a leading wine consulting agency. This company unites wine collectors with fine wines. UKV PLC employs wine consultants who are connected to a number of merchants and vineyards. Through this select group of connections, the consultants are then able to source a selection of fine wines from the top vineyards in Europe and offer the wine to their clientele.

As a result, UKV PLC can assist investors or collectors grow their collection of fine wine in a faster, more streamlined and with greater variety than the average fine wine collector can, on their own.

UKV PLC carries vintage wine and champagne from vineyards throughout Europe. They carry the top desirable vintage labels on the market.

This wine consulting agency is growing big-time. Their emerging social media presence presents a forward thinking, engaging company. As fine wine consultants – it is clear the company wishes to engage their audience with informative and entertaining wine-related content. From topics ranging from the health benefits of wine, to historical facts revolving around wine – UKV PLC is the number one resource for all things wine!

By purchasing wine through UKV PLC, collectors are immediately assured that they will be purchasing authentic labels from the leading vineyards in Europe, backed by a consulting firm with top notch service and professionalism.

Jim Hunt’s VTA Publications Wins the Attention Of Many

3/7/2017 Update:
Jim Hunt of VTA Publications has been posting to YouTube pretty frequently, providing weekly updates on his trades and market strategies. These can be viewed on the VTA Publications YouTube which can be found here. Recommended viewing for anybody interested in Jim, VTA, or investing in general.

Jim Hunt is an entrepreneur as well as a financial advisor with a brilliant eye that spots market trades and interprets them accurately even for any new investor. He is the perfect investor to follow carefully if interested in making safe and worthy investments. Mr. Hunt has made it even easier by coming up with VTA Publication that helps people understand how the big banks work and, therefore, help people be in control of their financial future.

VTA Publications was put in place to give new investors’ confidence to invest widely and safely. It is an invention that gives Mr. Hunt the ability to hold your hand and take you through the investment process carefully through the phone or even by use of emails. He offers webinars and DVD training videos known as Wealth Wave which provide signals that have already been tried and tested.

The online courses presented by VTA Publications bring together various stories of successful investors with the intention of encouraging others to reach for the same success. A wide variety of investment ideas from different people with impressive portfolios are shared. This sharing of ideas also helps in building a vast network. Users are also able to learn and make the decisions from the comfort of their homes.

Since 2012, when VTA Publications came to existence, thousands of customers worldwide have had sufficient access to the digital and physical information that helps them in making successful investment decisions.

Jim Hunt is also highly disciplined hence setting goals and breaking them down to make them more achievable. He also uses Infusionsoft, a system that works well with the management of data. Mr. Hunt assures that the more one reads, the more knowledge they gain and therefore, the more chance they stand at prospering.

Jim Hunt is available on almost every social media platform with great advice and, therefore, it is simpler to follow him. Additionally, there are several articles in VTA Publications that can help in dealing with different challenges in the stock market as well as advice on how to make it safely in the stock market while avoiding tremendous losses.