Knowing More About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids in Michigan. People think that he had a very easy life. But this is not so. His father Richard DeVos did not have an easy livelihood. Richard along with his friend, Jay Van Andel, tried a number of business ventures. These included a flying school as well as a drive-in restaurant. It was in 1959 that they founded Amway. At that time it had just one product. This was a biodegradable cleaner. It was called L.O.C. Slowly; Amway expanded its product line. It included several other products such as household cleaners, besides personal care, as well as nutrition and wellness. Later on, it included various other home products too.


Under Dick DeVos, Amway became a subsidiary of a parent company that was named Alticor. The other subsidiaries here were Quixtar Inc. along with Access Business Group Inc. Alticor has recently reported $4.5 billion of sales in its market. All this is a result of perseverance.


Dick DeVos has wealth as well as political activism. He belongs to a powerful family that does not like to be in the limelight. Dick along with his wife, Betsy DeVos, has been conservative political donors for decades. He has made his mark in politics as he has donated millions of dollars to various social causes.


He has made money by inheriting it from his father who started Amway, which is a multi-level marketing company. This company was started in 1959, and Dick DeVos took over this company in 1993. Besides, he is involved in several other business ventures too. This includes full ownership that Dick DeVos possesses of the Orlando Magic NBA team. Besides, he owns the Windquest Group too. This is a firm that is involved in investment management.


Dick DeVos and his family are well-known for its philanthropic work that they are doing in education. He and his wife Betsy have prominently advocated freedom of education. This allows working in a way that allows students to make use of tax dollars in order to attend any private or charter schools. This is why the couple had founded a charter school, namely, West Michigan Aviation Academy. This would be teaching the traditional curriculum to the students. There would be special attention that will be given to engineering. All this includes flight mechanics too.


Dick DeVos is also known to have run unsuccessfully for the post of Michigan governor. This was in 2006. But he lost to Jennifer Granholm.


The DeVos legacy is known for the money it distributes through its philanthropy. His parents’ charity is called the Richard & Helen DeVos Foundation. It is giving away millions of dollars each year to several conservative charities. These include Focus on the Family besides the American Enterprise Foundation.

The Giving Side of Betsy Devos

Currently the secretary of education of the United States of America, Betsy Devos is used to the heat that comes when a person is in the limelight. In the past, she has made news by making outsized donations to help change the education sector in the United States. The good thing about Betsy Devos is that she does not discriminate on whoever receives her funds. This could be a high school, college or even a university. Betsy Devos has always stood for the American students. Just the other day, Betsy Devos opposed her seniors when they wanted to overturn the Bathroom Law. Even though she did not succeed, Betsy Devos put a good fight to the extent of being threatened to resign if she did not go along with the plan. This is just a show of who she is and how much education reforms mean to her. Betsy Devos has been fighting for the reforms alongside her husband, Dick Devos. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

Since the two got married 28 years ago, it’s approximated that they have donated approximately 190 million to charitable causes. Betsy Devos is the daughter of a renowned philanthropist known as Edgar Prince. Her father hails from Holland and has a long history of helping the less privileged in the society. As for her husband Dick Devos, he hails from the family of Richard Devos, a man worth over five billion dollars. Together, the two make one of the most generous families in the United States. The Forbes Magazine says that Betsy Devos family is the 24th most generous family in the United States. Together with her husband, Betsy Devos agreed to incorporate their children into philanthropy. Betsy Devos manages her donations through the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation that is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since they began making their donations about a half century ago, the Devos family is said to have donated a quarter of their wealth.

Looking into her donations in the year 2015, it’s approximated that Betsy Devos made a donation of $ 11.6 million through the family foundation. Apart from this donation, she made another donation worth $5. 3 million to the Republican Party. She denies criticism that she makes huge charitable donations to conceal the outsized political donations. Out of the 11.6 million she made, a quarter of it went to the education sector. While many schools and institutions received this funds, notable schools and colleges that received the donation were Rehoboth Christian School, West Michigan Academy, Northwood University as well as Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning. Apart from education, Betsy Devos’ donations go to arts, health and welfare, community and civic as well as churches. Despite the pressure associated with her position, Betsy Devos has remained committed to changing the lives of American people.

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George Soros Draws The Ideals Of Professor Karl Popper As The Basis Of Successful Societies

In the world today, there are lots of people who lack necessities such as food, shelter, and education. There is also a good number of them who face political injustices and marginalization. One billionaire philanthropist has always been in the forefront to help this groups of people. George Soros is his name. To date, George Soros has spent slightly over $12 billion of his fortune on charities that seek to alleviate the suffering of many individuals across the globe. Soros, through his charities, has facilitated programs that strive to enhance freedom of expression, encourage transparency and accountability in governments and foster societies that promote fairness and the common good. Read more on

In the wake of the Presidential victory of Donald Trump, George Soros moved in, to cushion groups of people he felt would be affected by the negative remarks of the Trump administration’s agenda. In Europe, He has supported the Roma population who had been victims of segregation by the larger society because of their sexuality or profession e.g. sex workers.

The resolve to help others is primarily drawn from the fact that George Soros has been a victim of social injustices and intolerance. The native of Hungary, George lived through the war-torn times of the Second World War. He experienced the brutality that was meted on over 500,000 Hungarian Jews. Had it not been his father’s ingenuity, he and his family would not have survived. George’s father procured false identities that hid their backgrounds enabling them to escape Nazi executions. George Soros is known to report that his family refused to submit to its fate by resisting a big evil force that could have consumed them. This period of war was also the first time he saw the possibility of humanity to help others because they not only survived but they were also able to rescue caught in the same situation.

After the war, George left his homeland to pursue opportunities in the UK. His first stop was at the London School of Economics where he had to look for menial jobs to sustain his education at the prestigious college. After his undergraduate, he moved to the United States where his career in finance kicked off.

Through his brainchild, the Soros Fund Management George has been able to claim his space in the community of billionaires. He is ranked among the most affluent individuals in the world. George uses his fortune to run community programs through the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

The OSF is a group of charities, partners, and initiatives in over 100 nations across the globe. The organizations borrow from the philosophical ideals of Professor Karl Popper. The scholar advances arguments that no society will prosper as long as it stifles democratic governance, freedom of expression, transparency, and respect for human rights.

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Dick DeVos Looks To Extend His Philanthropy For Even Greater Community Success

The work of Dick DeVos is well known to me in terms of his business career, but I have only recently been learning more about his philanthropic work that has taken him to new levels of success as an integral part of communities across the U.S. I was already aware of the work Dick completed in the political world and as a member of the Michigan Board of Education; I believe Dick is one of the leading philanthropists in the U.S. who has spent a large amount of his time working to better the lives of others beginning in Michigan and moving on to various areas of the U.S. and the world as a whole.


A recent article I found discussed the latest tax returns of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and explained just how influential the pair have been in developing a range of investment options for the charitable groups and causes they back. Community success has been a major part of the work of Dick DeVos and I believe his skill as a business and community leader has been of great help and support to many different groups; the $139 million Dick and Betsy DeVos have donated to various groups is an amazing figure and shows just how importantly they feel about the work that is completed to help education reform and many other causes in their name.


I have always been a supporter of Dick DeVos as he has found his way to create a philanthropic and business career that I believe will rarely be matched in the future. Dick has always been known as an education reformer and I was happy to see in 2015 his major charitable contributions were for this important cause that is obviously close to his heart and that of his family. As a whole the DeVos family have provided support to charitable groups, such as the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital to the tune of more than $1 billion over the lifetime of the family in relation to the AmWay Group.


Dick DeVos is the eldest son of Richard DeVos who is the founder and former CEO of the AmWay Group. I first became aware of Dick when he headed the AmWay Group’s international development division that saw him gain a wide range of experience and knowledge that would be used to great effect as the head of AmWay from 1993 to the early 21st century. In my opinion Dick DeVos has made a success of every position he has taken up with AmWay, Windquest, and the Orlando Magic, but his major achievement in business will always be the restructuring of the AmWay Group that saw its reach expanded to over 50 countries across the planet.

Philanthropic Concerns Head The List For Dick DeVos

As the President of the top direct sales company in the U.S. Dick DeVos was a name I heard on a number of occasions in the 1990s and early 2000s when he was the head of the AmWay Group; I was impressed with the way Dick DeVos oversaw the transition of the AmWay Group to a company ready for the demands of the 21st century. I was recently shocked to discover in an article from Philanthropy Roundtable that Dick was also serving as a member of the Michigan State Board of Education from 1990 onward as one of the most influential figures in the U.S. education reform movement; Dick has been a major figure in the education reform movement for a number of years after working with his wife Betsy on a number of state level programs for school choice and school vouchers that have come into force in Florida, Louisiana, and a number of other states. In the Philanthropy Roundtable article Dick’s wife Betsy stated her belief that the ability to get Florida to allow school choice remains one of the biggest achievements in the lives of herself and Dick as education reform was still a fringe movement prior to this moment. The skills of Dick DeVos as a negotiator have always been something I have been impressed with after I discovered the Northwood University graduate became the AmWay executive in charge of foreign sales and led the department to a ten fold increase in sales, according to Wikipedia.

I’ve always been pleased to see the business leaders I admire give something back to the communities they are working in and have been remarkably impressed with how Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have done their utmost to make sure the Grand Rapids, Michigan area is served well by their philanthropic endeavors, including the work Dick completes as the Chair of the Grand Rapids Action Plan Committee.