Wen Fig Conditioner: Should You Try It?

If you’ve seen the infomercials on YouTube for Wen hair care products, you know that the cleansing and styling products from the brand are quite popular. There are even several celebrities who have tried Wen and endorse the products.

Wen is known for being free of synthetic chemicals and nourishing the hair with essential oils and plant extracts. If you want to start using all natural products on your hair, check out this review from Bustle to decide if Wen is right for you.

Emily McClure from Bustle tried Wen Fig conditioner for a week and says that she felt a difference in her hair on the first day. She states that the conditioner made her hair heavier, so when she tried to heat-style it later on in the week, her curls fell flat quickly. However, Emily was still satisfied with the way her hair looked and felt.

By the time the experiment was nearly over, Emily’s friends noticed that her hair was shinier than usual. McClure says Wen’s Fig conditioner is great for women who want to moisturize their hair and give it more volume. She also shares that the product works well for women who wash and blow dry their hair daily, since the conditioner shields the hair from heat damage. Wen products are available online on Amazon or directly from the Wen.com website.

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