The Giving Side of Betsy Devos

Currently the secretary of education of the United States of America, Betsy Devos is used to the heat that comes when a person is in the limelight. In the past, she has made news by making outsized donations to help change the education sector in the United States. The good thing about Betsy Devos is that she does not discriminate on whoever receives her funds. This could be a high school, college or even a university. Betsy Devos has always stood for the American students. Just the other day, Betsy Devos opposed her seniors when they wanted to overturn the Bathroom Law. Even though she did not succeed, Betsy Devos put a good fight to the extent of being threatened to resign if she did not go along with the plan. This is just a show of who she is and how much education reforms mean to her. Betsy Devos has been fighting for the reforms alongside her husband, Dick Devos. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

Since the two got married 28 years ago, it’s approximated that they have donated approximately 190 million to charitable causes. Betsy Devos is the daughter of a renowned philanthropist known as Edgar Prince. Her father hails from Holland and has a long history of helping the less privileged in the society. As for her husband Dick Devos, he hails from the family of Richard Devos, a man worth over five billion dollars. Together, the two make one of the most generous families in the United States. The Forbes Magazine says that Betsy Devos family is the 24th most generous family in the United States. Together with her husband, Betsy Devos agreed to incorporate their children into philanthropy. Betsy Devos manages her donations through the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation that is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since they began making their donations about a half century ago, the Devos family is said to have donated a quarter of their wealth.

Looking into her donations in the year 2015, it’s approximated that Betsy Devos made a donation of $ 11.6 million through the family foundation. Apart from this donation, she made another donation worth $5. 3 million to the Republican Party. She denies criticism that she makes huge charitable donations to conceal the outsized political donations. Out of the 11.6 million she made, a quarter of it went to the education sector. While many schools and institutions received this funds, notable schools and colleges that received the donation were Rehoboth Christian School, West Michigan Academy, Northwood University as well as Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning. Apart from education, Betsy Devos’ donations go to arts, health and welfare, community and civic as well as churches. Despite the pressure associated with her position, Betsy Devos has remained committed to changing the lives of American people.

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