How Sam Tabar Has Helped Girls and Women In Africa Access Sanitary Products

In 2017, no one can refute that financial consultants are among the leading earners in the world. Despite the public outrage and outcry about the insane amounts of money these professionals receive as salaries and bonuses, the trend persists.

Individuals and brands rely too much on the breadth of experience and skill st possessed by financial minds like Sam Tabar. Hiring a brilliant mind like Sam Tabar is a service which doesn’t come cheap. But in return, the client company’s know very well that are on course to making double-digit gains for their shareholders, soon enough.

Legal and Finance Consultation

Sam’s clients have a lot to gain from his legal background. How so? Every deal and transaction, no matter the size and scale, ought to adhere and abide by the enacted laws and regulations of the jurisdictions they take place. Failure to follow the due protocols is a sure prerequisite for legal prosecution.

Sam Tabar and the rest of the experts help you as a client to avoid any penalties and fines as you go about securing your financial future. The legal support coupled with the refined financial acumen gained by Tabar in the last thirty-odd year’s makes up for a powerful combo worth investing in. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

What is Full Cycle All About?

In March 2007, Sam started working as the M.D in charge of the Sparx Group/PMA. His stint at the conglomerate lasted a good four years and it saw him move constantly between, New York, Tokyo and Hong-Kong offices run by the same hedge fund company. FullCycle Inc. is a rapidly growing Eco-friendly venture specializing in efficient waste management handling services, mostly, for chemical plants and urban areas.

Introducing SheThinx by Mr. Tabar

While in Asia, Sam Tabar came face to face with the deplorable conditions the people in the villages had to endear. Being an altruist by birth, the investor decided to take off his investing hat and instead put on his humanitarian hat.

Sam Tabar was appalled to learn that girls had to miss school when they were on their menstrual cycles. Women had to stay indoors for days on that time of the month because sanitary pads weren’t available. That’s what inspired the Oxford and Cambridge-educated attorney-cum-investor to start his charitable company, SheThinx.

Today, thanks to the program, thousands of women in Uganda and all over remote Africa have the reusable sanitary pads products donated by Sam and his development partners. Now, isn’t that something?

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