How End Citizens United Seeks to Raise $35 Million for the Upcoming Midterm Congressional Elections

As a political action committee, End Citizens United is renowned for its political fundraising efforts. The PAC recently raised $4 million in the first quarter of the year 2017. It also seeks to generate over $35 million before the 2018 Congress midterm elections begin. During the 2016 elections, End Citizens United managed to raise $25 million. This fundraiser was regarded as the PAC’s first election cycle.


About 100,000 people donated the money raised by End Citizens United in 2016. According to the PAC’s executive manager, Tiffany Muller, almost half of these people had contributed for the first time. Muller also said that the PAC’s vision is to elect leaders who advocate for reforms in campaign financing.


One of the political candidates supported by End Citizens United is Jon Ossoff, who is running for Congress under the Democratic Party ticket. The PAC managed to convince its donors to contribute $500,000 to finance Ossoff’s congressional campaign. Ossoff seeks to be elected as the Health and Human Services Secretary for Atlanta.


Besides supporting Ossoff’s congressional campaign, End Citizens United is also evaluating the political races scheduled for 2018. The PAC’s focus is on Democratic Party candidates. Other aspiring leaders who will benefit from the PAC’s support include Jon Tester of Montana and Sherrod Brown of Ohio. End Citizens United’s president, Muller, previously served as the deputy political director of the campaign arm of Senate Democrats.


About End Citizens United


The political action committee derived its name from the Citizens United policy enacted by the Supreme Court in 2010. This policy allowed political candidates to be funded by corporates, united groups, and individuals. The policy also led to the establishment of PACs that can raise unlimited amounts of cash for campaigns.


Since its establishment in 2015, End Citizens United has always focused on changing the present campaign finance systems. The PAC has also strived to end the negative impacts of Citizens United. This is because previous aspirants relied on heavy financial support to win elections. The PAC seeks to inform voters, the press, candidates, and elected officials about the mechanisms adopted by grassroots people to ensure that campaign finance systems are transparent.


End Citizens United is also on a mission to pressure lawmakers and the public to take action. The PAC’s mission is to limit the amount of cash donated by wealthy individuals and multi-million corporations. As a policy, End Citizens United does not accept over $5,000 donation from an individual.


To achieve this mission, the PAC usually supports and elects pro-reform aspirants. The PAC also creates nationwide awareness on the issue of Big Money in politics. This approach has helped American citizens to focus on voting for aspirants without being considering their campaign budgets.


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