Wine Consultants Connect Fine

Wines With High End Collectors
A glass of wine isn’t merely a beverage – it is now an investment piece worth over thousands to some collectors. Demand is growing for desirable bottles and high end wine collectors now look to wine consultants to assist them in growing their collections.

UKV PLC is a leading wine consulting agency. This company unites wine collectors with fine wines. UKV PLC employs wine consultants who are connected to a number of merchants and vineyards. Through this select group of connections, the consultants are then able to source a selection of fine wines from the top vineyards in Europe and offer the wine to their clientele.

As a result, UKV PLC can assist investors or collectors grow their collection of fine wine in a faster, more streamlined and with greater variety than the average fine wine collector can, on their own.

UKV PLC carries vintage wine and champagne from vineyards throughout Europe. They carry the top desirable vintage labels on the market.

This wine consulting agency is growing big-time. Their emerging social media presence presents a forward thinking, engaging company. As fine wine consultants – it is clear the company wishes to engage their audience with informative and entertaining wine-related content. From topics ranging from the health benefits of wine, to historical facts revolving around wine – UKV PLC is the number one resource for all things wine!

By purchasing wine through UKV PLC, collectors are immediately assured that they will be purchasing authentic labels from the leading vineyards in Europe, backed by a consulting firm with top notch service and professionalism.

Jim Hunt’s VTA Publications Wins the Attention Of Many

3/7/2017 Update:
Jim Hunt of VTA Publications has been posting to YouTube pretty frequently, providing weekly updates on his trades and market strategies. These can be viewed on the VTA Publications YouTube which can be found here. Recommended viewing for anybody interested in Jim, VTA, or investing in general.

Jim Hunt is an entrepreneur as well as a financial advisor with a brilliant eye that spots market trades and interprets them accurately even for any new investor. He is the perfect investor to follow carefully if interested in making safe and worthy investments. Mr. Hunt has made it even easier by coming up with VTA Publication that helps people understand how the big banks work and, therefore, help people be in control of their financial future.

VTA Publications was put in place to give new investors’ confidence to invest widely and safely. It is an invention that gives Mr. Hunt the ability to hold your hand and take you through the investment process carefully through the phone or even by use of emails. He offers webinars and DVD training videos known as Wealth Wave which provide signals that have already been tried and tested.

The online courses presented by VTA Publications bring together various stories of successful investors with the intention of encouraging others to reach for the same success. A wide variety of investment ideas from different people with impressive portfolios are shared. This sharing of ideas also helps in building a vast network. Users are also able to learn and make the decisions from the comfort of their homes.

Since 2012, when VTA Publications came to existence, thousands of customers worldwide have had sufficient access to the digital and physical information that helps them in making successful investment decisions.

Jim Hunt is also highly disciplined hence setting goals and breaking them down to make them more achievable. He also uses Infusionsoft, a system that works well with the management of data. Mr. Hunt assures that the more one reads, the more knowledge they gain and therefore, the more chance they stand at prospering.

Jim Hunt is available on almost every social media platform with great advice and, therefore, it is simpler to follow him. Additionally, there are several articles in VTA Publications that can help in dealing with different challenges in the stock market as well as advice on how to make it safely in the stock market while avoiding tremendous losses.

Dick DeVos Looks To Extend His Philanthropy For Even Greater Community Success

The work of Dick DeVos is well known to me in terms of his business career, but I have only recently been learning more about his philanthropic work that has taken him to new levels of success as an integral part of communities across the U.S. I was already aware of the work Dick completed in the political world and as a member of the Michigan Board of Education; I believe Dick is one of the leading philanthropists in the U.S. who has spent a large amount of his time working to better the lives of others beginning in Michigan and moving on to various areas of the U.S. and the world as a whole.


A recent article I found discussed the latest tax returns of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and explained just how influential the pair have been in developing a range of investment options for the charitable groups and causes they back. Community success has been a major part of the work of Dick DeVos and I believe his skill as a business and community leader has been of great help and support to many different groups; the $139 million Dick and Betsy DeVos have donated to various groups is an amazing figure and shows just how importantly they feel about the work that is completed to help education reform and many other causes in their name.


I have always been a supporter of Dick DeVos as he has found his way to create a philanthropic and business career that I believe will rarely be matched in the future. Dick has always been known as an education reformer and I was happy to see in 2015 his major charitable contributions were for this important cause that is obviously close to his heart and that of his family. As a whole the DeVos family have provided support to charitable groups, such as the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital to the tune of more than $1 billion over the lifetime of the family in relation to the AmWay Group.


Dick DeVos is the eldest son of Richard DeVos who is the founder and former CEO of the AmWay Group. I first became aware of Dick when he headed the AmWay Group’s international development division that saw him gain a wide range of experience and knowledge that would be used to great effect as the head of AmWay from 1993 to the early 21st century. In my opinion Dick DeVos has made a success of every position he has taken up with AmWay, Windquest, and the Orlando Magic, but his major achievement in business will always be the restructuring of the AmWay Group that saw its reach expanded to over 50 countries across the planet.

A First Impression Can Make Or Break Your Reputation

The days of being able to bombard your customers with commercials and interruptible advertising are over. Consumers are tuning out those types of messages. The old push economy is rapidly dying out and is being replaced with a more consumer-eccentric pull economy.

Consumers are now going online and reading reviews and gathering recommendations before making a buying decision. What they see first about your company becomes your reputation. Online reputation management is not just for celebrities and large corporations anymore. With the popularity of review sites like Yelp! local businesses can be helped or hurt by their online reputation.

What Makes A Reputation?

As mentioned before, Online Reputation Reviews about your business will go a long way to helping you. Even bad reviews can be turned into a positive if handled the right way. Do not shy away from responding to negative reviews. Try to resolve them as quickly as possible. When other consumers see that you make an effort to resolve complaints and ensure that every customer is satisfied you will be viewed as an honest, trustworthy business.

Another facet of your reputation is your social media presence. Engaging with your customers via social media is an excellent way to keep your up to date on the wants and desires of your customers. Many smart businesses are using social media as an extension of their customer service department.

Reputation Management Is A Continuous Process

Online reputation management is not a one-time exercise. Your business needs to monitor your reputation on a daily basis. Set up a Google alert for your company name to see what is being said about you on the Internet. This will give you the opportunity to head off any negative mentions and amplify those positive stories about your company.

Marketing and customer service need to work together to ensure that a consistent message reaches the consumer and that your company reacts in a similar manner.

Businesses and individuals need to view online reputation management as an integral part of the new pull economy. With the whole organization focused on reputation your first impression ana customer will be a positive one.