Betsy DeVos Appointment as Secretary of Education is a Crowning for Her Exemplary Career

In the 1990s, Betsy DeVos served in two Education-Choice Movements, which includes the Children First America and the America Education Reform Council. She championed for the expansion of educational choice through vouchers and tax credits. As the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy started an action program called the Great Lakes Education Project. It was devoted to promoting education through the expansion of charter schools in the state of Michigan.


DeVos Biggest Success

Betsy DeVos introduced the Florida tax-credit scholarship program, which increased educational choice among learners. It is now serving over 50,000 students who are attending schools of their own choice in the state of Florida. The initiative has become a movement with great national support. It is happening in Louisiana and spreading to other states across the United States. Betsy DeVos attributes this to their bipartisan approach and the steady improvement the policy had in Florida. With a broad grassroots support, the project grew from its early infancy in 2003 to where it is now.


More Educational Reforms

Betsy advocates for a more increased educational choice. She insists that people should enjoy freedom as much as possible and encourage the adoption of trends that favor the modern technology. DeVos has dedicated vast resources, through donations to ensure the passage of the right framework of legislation that will automatically guarantee a healthy educational experience for future generations.


Betsy DeVos was born in 1958 in Holland, Michigan. She is the daughter of Elsa and Edgar Prince, a billionaire industrialist with Dutch ancestry. Betsy attended Holland Christian High School, a private institution in Michigan. She later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Economics in 1979 from the Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Her Business Career

Betsy DeVos is the Chairperson of the Windquest Group, manufacturing, marketing and Storage Company that she founded in 1989 with her husband. In film production, she and Dick DeVos produced the Broadway run of the stage known as Scandalous: The Life and Trials of Aimee Semple. The story was based on the real life of the famous evangelist Kathie Lee Gifford. Her nomination to the post of Secretary of Education in 2017 under the Trump Administration was approved by the Senate Committee on a 12-11 party-line-vote. Mike Pence voted to break a 50-50 tie, thus, confirming her as Trump’s Secretary of Education.


The Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation

Dick and Betsy DeVos launched their Family Foundation in 1989. It is a foundation motivated by faith and is centered in nurturing leadership. It is also interested in other areas including education support, community, justice, arts, and transformation. The family was ranked in 2015 at number 24 on the list of top American givers.


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Larkin & Lacey

It’s within human nature to have tribes and social divides. It is also within human nature that there are always demographics within demographics who are more privileged or less privileged than others. In the modern socio-political order of the world, organizations have sprung up to make amends to issues pertaining to these facts. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

The National Organization for Women has been around for a while—about 51 years to be exact. It has been around since the tumultuous 1960s when society fought for more liberal policies and civil rights.

The organization still exists and is going strong with hundreds of local chapters and hundreds of thousands of members all around the United States. They support the right to abortion, as well the rights of minorities and the rights of those with gender identities and sexual preferences that deviate from the norm.

Femen hasn’t been around as long as the National Organization for Women, though it has gotten a lot of attention and has left it’s mark. It was organized 2008. It may not be as much in people’s minds in the United States, because Femen is primarily based in France and Ukraine, and their presence is more felt in Europe. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

What stands out in people’s minds about this organization is that they remove their shirts when protest and paint their chests. Most people may not know, but Femen refers to this as “Sextremism.”

Black Lives Matter is another organization that shines a spotlight on women’s issues. However, the focus of the institution is specifically put on the needs and sufferings of Blacks.

This is a lively continuation of the Black Liberation movement, though it makes a very conscious effort to talk about the marginalized demographics that live in the Black community—including women.

Planned Parenthood can trace it’s roots back to the efforts of Margaret Sanger in 1916. Margaret Sanger did her best to inform people about contraception and to give people contraception in a time when such things were considered to be obscene, and were outlawed in many places.

Yes, giving out information about contraceptives, as well contraceptives, was taboo and illegal to various extents throughout America. Currently, Planned Parenthood gives contraception, STD testing, abortions, pregnancy testing and educational services.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an operation that is around to help immigrants, with a focus on Hispanic immigrants—since their presence is prominently felt in the state of Arizona.

Michael Larkin and Jim Lacey were very much in sync with the needs of the communities around them, which led to the step of starting the fund. What does the fund do? The fund divies out money to organizations that put their best efforts forward to aide immigrants in various aspects of life.

Foresite Capital gets new Venture Partner

Foresite Capital is one of the most successful health care equity firms in the United States. The company was established several years ago, and it is already transforming the lives of many individuals in the country. Jim Tananbaum is the founder and chief executive officer of the institution. His leadership skills and expertise has played a fundamental role in the success of the private healthcare equity firm. The company is already doing well, and it has won the hearts of very many individuals in the United States.

Just recently, the healthcare company announced via Google to its clients that it had selected Molly He to serve as one of the venture partners in the institution. According to them, Molly had served as the senior director for a company known as Illumna. Molly had also served in other companies in the past. The new venture partner has been in the genomic research and pharmaceutical world for more than fifteen years, and he has all the skills needed to take the company to a higher level.

Jim Tananbaum, the president of the healthcare company says that he has a lot of confidence in Molly He. Jim Tananbaum says that Molly is one of the most experienced and most respected scientific researchers in the next generation sequencing industry. His presence in the healthcare company will be very beneficial to all the stakeholders involved. As the managing director of the institution, Jim Tananbaum says that he will be excited to serve the company with the help of Molly. Check out his website at

Molly He will be given several responsibilities as a venture partner in the healthcare company. First of all, he will work closely with Jim Tananbaum to make sure that the firm has enough working capital. He will also ensure that the companies in the industry that need help get the finances they need.

Foresite Capital has been in the industry for a long time, and it offers healthcare world the growth capital they need. The company has assisted so many emerging companies to offer consumers disruptive services and products, reports Its clients are in the public and private world. Foresite capital is located in San Francisco. It also has another office in New York City. To learn more about Foresite Capital, visit


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin; Walking the Talk

Before they formed the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, they investigated claims that the self-proclaimed toughest Sheriff in America, Mr. Arpiao, was abusing members of the Hispanic community. They unearthed the fact that indeed, he had been misusing his authority and mandate to victimize and subjugate members of minority communities.

In particular, he had been racially profiling them, intimidating them, wrongfully arresting and mistreating them and even charging them for crimes of which they were not guilty. They exposed his flagrant abuse of the American constitution and that made him bitter.

Without any probable cause, the sheriff forcefully arrested the two and wrongfully detained them. He abused them while they were in his custody. All that while, he did not charge them. He was only carrying out a personal vendetta in his official capacity as a law enforcer.

The two journalists did not take that lying down; they sued for 3.7 from the county, Maricopa County, for wrongful imprisonment, mistreatment and respective damages.

Justice was not served at the first court hearings, but the two adamant justice seekers sought it persistently by appealing all the way to the 18th circuit court where they were awarded the money. Thus, the precedence was set for other aggrieved parties to pursue justice.

The duo decided to commit the 3.7 million dollars into defending the rights of minority groups, especially for members of the Hispanic community that felt the wrath of Mr. Arpiao the most.

Larkin and Lacy also decided to join hands with other lobby groups that were in the business of challenging oppressive and laws fashioned for immigrants. They especially got to learn a lot about the litigation methods of combating legal subjugation of members of minority groups from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Together, the ACLU, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, the Puente Arizona Society, and other lobby groups put in concerted efforts to make the 83 percent of immigrant deportations that get sanctioned without due process to go down. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Twitter

Also, through organized and specialized, challenging of the constitutionality of oppressive and demeaning laws, the human rights activists groups have continuously gained legal ground, thus making the United States more diversity tolerant.

It is a difficult and selfless thing to fight oppression, especially if the ones fighting do so particularly for others, and not themselves. It is an entirely different thing to get into trouble fighting for people’s rights, to fight out of the trouble, and keep fighting for the other people after the victory.

For an individual, a duo, or a group, to do it all legally and within the confines of the law is nothing short of phenomenal and heroic. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin did not only walk the talk, but continue to do so, with their heads held high, so members of oppressed and marginalized communities can also hold their heads up high.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is a result of a good fight well fought, and still, a weapon conjured to deliver legal blows to the oppressive forces that demean others because of their identities. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are veteran journalists and human rights activists.

Larkin and Lacey Help People Out with the Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michale Lacey used to just be able to help people out by being journalists. They had to make sure that they were doing things the right way and that they were going to be able to show people the things that would help them out with the things that they were doing.

Since Jim Larkin and Michale Lacey were confident in the skills that they had and since they knew that they were going to be able to try and make things better for people, they often published information about the problems that were going on in the legal world so that other people would know about it.

While these publications were helpful, they were not actionable steps and the men felt like they would not be able to get the best experience possible because they were not doing everything that they could to help these people out.

They knew that they were going to have to do something else to make things work and they also knew that they would have to remain committed no matter what was going on.

This was something that they were comfortable with and something that they continued to help people with no matter what was going on. It made sense for Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to try and do things the right way and it made them have an easier time with the issues that they were facing in their own opportunities.

For Jim Larkin and Michale Lacey to try and do these things, they had to make sure that they were going to get the best experience possible and that people would be able to benefit from these things.

The idea that they had was to start an organization. They would call this the Frontera Fund. It had to do with the border town that they were a part of and it would be available for people who were coming from over the border.

They wanted to make sure that immigrants would be comfortable and that they would continue to have immigrant rights no matter what was going on.

The men had to do a lot of work for this to happen. One of the hardest things that they had to do was make sure that they had enough money. They were even arrested based on the things that they were doing, but this ended up being something that would be helpful.

They used the money that they got from the arrest that turned into a civil suit to start the Frontera Fund. This amount of money was over three million dollars and it was not something they could have ever raised on their own so it was helpful.

Read more:

Phoenix New Time

Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Knowing More About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids in Michigan. People think that he had a very easy life. But this is not so. His father Richard DeVos did not have an easy livelihood. Richard along with his friend, Jay Van Andel, tried a number of business ventures. These included a flying school as well as a drive-in restaurant. It was in 1959 that they founded Amway. At that time it had just one product. This was a biodegradable cleaner. It was called L.O.C. Slowly; Amway expanded its product line. It included several other products such as household cleaners, besides personal care, as well as nutrition and wellness. Later on, it included various other home products too.


Under Dick DeVos, Amway became a subsidiary of a parent company that was named Alticor. The other subsidiaries here were Quixtar Inc. along with Access Business Group Inc. Alticor has recently reported $4.5 billion of sales in its market. All this is a result of perseverance.


Dick DeVos has wealth as well as political activism. He belongs to a powerful family that does not like to be in the limelight. Dick along with his wife, Betsy DeVos, has been conservative political donors for decades. He has made his mark in politics as he has donated millions of dollars to various social causes.


He has made money by inheriting it from his father who started Amway, which is a multi-level marketing company. This company was started in 1959, and Dick DeVos took over this company in 1993. Besides, he is involved in several other business ventures too. This includes full ownership that Dick DeVos possesses of the Orlando Magic NBA team. Besides, he owns the Windquest Group too. This is a firm that is involved in investment management.


Dick DeVos and his family are well-known for its philanthropic work that they are doing in education. He and his wife Betsy have prominently advocated freedom of education. This allows working in a way that allows students to make use of tax dollars in order to attend any private or charter schools. This is why the couple had founded a charter school, namely, West Michigan Aviation Academy. This would be teaching the traditional curriculum to the students. There would be special attention that will be given to engineering. All this includes flight mechanics too.


Dick DeVos is also known to have run unsuccessfully for the post of Michigan governor. This was in 2006. But he lost to Jennifer Granholm.


The DeVos legacy is known for the money it distributes through its philanthropy. His parents’ charity is called the Richard & Helen DeVos Foundation. It is giving away millions of dollars each year to several conservative charities. These include Focus on the Family besides the American Enterprise Foundation.

It’s Time For The Woman To Choose Her Date Says Whitney Wolfe

At the age of 23 years when Whitney Wolfe met Mateen, her ex-boyfriend, she understood that she wanted to help men and women date. At that tender age, co-founded Tinder Online Dating App with her boyfriend and some of his friends. The App did quite well although there were complaints of women who were harassed and bullied by men on the site, based on their weight among other things. Although the partnership was running well, it all came to an end when Mateen and Whitney Wolfe broke up. It was then that the co-founders expelled Whitney from the organization claiming that the presence of a woman in the group made the app seem like a joke to the users. Mateen also became extremely abusive to Whitney Wolfe at one point calling her a whore publicly.

Whitney Wolfe decided to seek justice in the court, which ruled in her favor, giving her $1million in company stock. Immediately afterward, she began a parallel dating app called Bumble that took power from the men and gave it to women. Case in point, only women, could make the first moves on the men who matched their descriptions. Whitney felt that the woman can choose anything else in life except a man; therefore, she challenged the status quo by undoing the equation and allowing a woman to have a say in the man whom she dates.

A woman downloads Bumble and describes the qualities she desires in a man. The app searches her matches and notifies her, and within 24 hours she is supposed to click on the ones she likes. Albeit it was initially hard to convince some women to make the first move, It also worked perfectly well among the women who are go-getters and who do not like waiting to be picked.

Bumble BFF, a module of Bumble, also came up shortly afterward, allowing women to make the choices of the women they would like to have as friends. Whitney Wolfe realized that the woman is lonely in times when she has no boyfriend or as she waits to be married. She realized that Bumble BFF could offer her the solution.

Find more about Whitney Wolfe:

Patty Rocklage, Compassionate and Generous Psychotherapist

Patty Rocklage is a psychotherapist in the Boston Massachusetts area. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 1981 with a degree in psychology. She is married to Dr. Scott Rocklage, and they reside in Sudbury Massachusetts.

Patty Rocklage has over 20 years of experience working with families as well as individuals to resolve the issues that plague many in our society today. Her professionalism and confidentiality are without question.

She has a warm and inviting manner that allows her clients to relax and be transparent with her. This allows her to assist them in resolving their problems in a fitting manner. Rocklage strives to connect with her clients in a meaningful way.

Consequently, Patty Rocklage believes in giving back to her community. She volunteers with the Sudanese Education Fund. This fund helps Sudanese people who have relocated to Massachusetts find jobs, education, and stability in the community. In addition, Rocklage and her husband Scott recently gave a sizable gift to his Alma mater, MIT.

The Rocklage’s contributed the necessary funds to complete the renovation project of the Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry and the Moungi Bawendi nanochemisrty and nanotechnology labs. The chemistry department is where Scott Rocklage obtained his PhD.

Patty Rocklage is a talented compassionate professional who desires to help everyone she can. She would count it a privilege to assist you, your family, or friends with trials they may be experiencing. She has acquired the critical expertise over the last 20 years necessary to assist in maintaining excellent emotional and mental health.

Rocklage possesses the knowledge and skills required to help individuals overcome troublesome behaviors or make changes that will ultimately improve their quality of life. It is her desire to see everyone emotionally and mentally healthy.

Jim Tananbaum Appointed As CEO of Foresite Capital

Foresite Capital is an equity firm that is focused on growth in healthcare growth. It has announced that Jim Tananbaum , the chief executive officer as well as managing director of this firm is on the Midas List of Top Tech Investors by Forbes. He is on the list for the third consecutive year now, reveals Bloomberg. This Midas List is designed to recognize those top 100 venture capitalists who have managed to make it big. This has been by laying early bets in the futuristic tech companies. This way they have been able to create exceptional value for the investors. In this list, Jim Tananbaum has been ranked #52 this year.

He is the founder of Foresite Capital. He is an industry leader as he has created a reputation for himself. Tananbaum has 25 years of experience in healthcare entrepreneurship and investment. His focus is on strategic, as well as operational along with financial opportunities order to build healthcare businesses through franchisees.

According, Jim Tananbaum has created the organization structure of Foresite Capital and its investment strategy too. He plays a significant role in the companies of Foresite Capital. With his experience, Jim Tananbaum has managed to found or helped to grow the healthcare franchises in various segments of this healthcare economy.

Jim Tananbaum is the co-founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals. This company brought two drugs to market which were later bought for $1.6 billion. He is the co-founder of Theravance, Inc. too. Jim Tananbaum has founded Prospect Venture Partners II as well as III.

Jim Tananbaum did his graduation from Yale University. He earned his BS/BSEE degrees from here. He did his M.D. and M.B.A. from Harvard University. He earned his M.S. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Midas List of Top Tech Investors is developed by Forbes in partnership with TrueBridge Capital Partners. This is done by collecting data from several sources that are publicly available. These sources include the Dow Jones Venture Source besides historical lists, and direct submissions that are received from venture capital firms. This way Forbes is able to give a ranking to each venture capitalist.

Check out Jim Tananbaum’s Linked In profile for more info.


Bernardo Chua Works Hard to Establish His Brand

Bernardo Chua has proven that people are willing to cut out the middleman if they can find coffee that is different from what is sold in stores. He has created a very unique brand of coffee that consumers are pleased with, and it appears that this Organo Gold brand is sweeping the nation on a global scale. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

This is the coffee that has become very important to a crowd of consumers that are looking for the best among the best. This is the type of coffee that has managed to gain a lot of attention in recent years because it has premium coffee beans and a healing agent.

Premium coffee beans are not that uncommon, but there is a uncommon ground with Organo Gold when it comes to the healing agent of the mushroom. This is certainly something that is not found in all coffee brands, and this has become the thing that Bernardo Chua has capitalized on.

Bernardo Chua has been able to create a brand that is different from much of anything else that is out there, and consumers are impressed with the way that they are able to cut out the middleman and order this coffee online.

Initially, one of the most difficult things to do was market his brand to the mainstream audience. He would use his social media accounts to market this coffee as well as the spin-offs that came from the mushroom ingredient that was used with the coffee.

This product would also be sold in many mom-and-pop stores and that would create a buzz about this product line.

All of the products that Bernardo Chua has created have become part of a product line that has grown from Asia to America. People are interested in what he is selling because it is unlike anything else that is out there.

He has proven that he has excellent marketing skills, and he has continued to expand the product line as the demand grows. Consumers are impressed with the way that this coffee tastes, and that has inspired a line of tea from the Organo Gold brand.