Major Life Achievements of Jeffry Schneider

Too many working American people today, they value traveling to various places in the world as a life mission. The ability for a person to explore cultures from different parts of the world which are foreign and learn new things is what entices a lot of Americans today. Most people make it their lifetime goal to try as much as possible to visit various places and learn new cultures.

Jeffry Schneider is on his way to achieving this life goal having traveled Europe, South America and Asia extensively. What he enjoys most about traveling is the fact that he gets an opportunity to interact with the locals and meet different people and sees how their lives are different from his life.

Apart from traveling, Jeffry Schneider has made a name for himself thanks to his work experience. He has over twenty years of experience when it comes to alternative investment Industry. He is responsible for founding a growing boutique investment company, Ascendant Capital, LLC that is located in Austin, TX. The firm is seen to employ the use of the unique approach to private equity while working with exclusively mature companies.

These companies in most cases generate and boast low debt income with an exit frame of three to five years. With Jeffry’s efforts, the company in less than a decade has raised almost a billion dollars while still supporting nearly thirty employees. Ascendant Capital has established a name for itself in the industry thanks to working hand in hand with broker-dealers, family offices and investment advisors. As the saying goes, two hands are better than one.

Before founding and working with Ascendant Capital, Jeffry has worked in various leading financial companies that helped in shaping his career life and providing with the required experience. Some of these firms include Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. His leadership skills were also sharpened when he held various senior positions in different companies. They include Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management for nearly two years as from 2002.

When Jeffry is not traveling, he enjoys keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle. He has been seen to associate with other people and participate in various endurance events which are held across the globe. Some of these developments include several marathons and half ironman competitions

He also engages in charity work where he supports various causes such as Gods Love we Deliver, Gazelle Foundation, and Cherokee Home for Children among others. He encourages those who work with him and his peers always to observe a healthy living and have a life outside of work.

Welcome to Talk Fusion: Where Dreams Meet Technology

Talk Fusion won its second annual award for the product of their video chat. Last year they won the annual award for communications solutions which was given to honor the video communication organizations that have radically enhanced their data communication, video, and data over the previous year. Winning of the award was a key sign to the clients that the company is the most elite and knows all the diligent work it takes to get to this point.

No one was happier than Bob Reina, founder & CEO of Talk Fusion who unequivocally has the belief that his products are a method for offering back to the community. With regards to improving these products, Bob has a gifted IT group backing him to enhance the products and making them the most appropriate accessible. By continually working smart, he trusts he will have the capacity to achieve an ever increasing number of people around the globe by quicker and effective communication. Through utilization of WebRTC technology power, the chat enables users to have the person to person communication from any device.

Talk Fusion provides video conferencing, social networking and broadcasting products. A worldwide pioneer in offering solutions in video marketing, Talk Fusion is devoted to assisting businesses while changing their lives via proprietary and patent-pending video technology. Innovative products of the company are advertised person to person via independent Associates in over 140 countries.

Talk Fusion is home of the globe’s first “all in one” video marketing solution as the company is devoted to helping organizations emerge from the competition to increase their profits & sales, and keep their clients coming back. Talk Fusion offers dynamic approaches making marketing more captivating, important, and convincing with video.

The company’s innovative products comes with a guarantee of 30 day Free Trials whereby all-in-one Video Marketing Solution are accessible to any individual who wishes to have a trial before buying and there is no credit card needed. Talk Fusion was built in 2007 by Founder and CEO Bob Reina. The company encourages a solid duty to Giving Back to family, companions, groups, and animal philanthropies over the world.

Philanthropic Concerns Head The List For Dick DeVos

As the President of the top direct sales company in the U.S. Dick DeVos was a name I heard on a number of occasions in the 1990s and early 2000s when he was the head of the AmWay Group; I was impressed with the way Dick DeVos oversaw the transition of the AmWay Group to a company ready for the demands of the 21st century. I was recently shocked to discover in an article from Philanthropy Roundtable that Dick was also serving as a member of the Michigan State Board of Education from 1990 onward as one of the most influential figures in the U.S. education reform movement; Dick has been a major figure in the education reform movement for a number of years after working with his wife Betsy on a number of state level programs for school choice and school vouchers that have come into force in Florida, Louisiana, and a number of other states. In the Philanthropy Roundtable article Dick’s wife Betsy stated her belief that the ability to get Florida to allow school choice remains one of the biggest achievements in the lives of herself and Dick as education reform was still a fringe movement prior to this moment. The skills of Dick DeVos as a negotiator have always been something I have been impressed with after I discovered the Northwood University graduate became the AmWay executive in charge of foreign sales and led the department to a ten fold increase in sales, according to Wikipedia. I’ve always been pleased to see the business leaders I admire give something back to the communities they are working in and have been remarkably impressed with how Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have done their utmost to make sure the Grand Rapids, Michigan area is served well by their philanthropic endeavors, including the work Dick completes as the Chair of the Grand Rapids Action Plan Committee. Like most Americans Dick DeVos has become concerned in recent years with the direction the morals of the country are heading in and has done his best to make sure the traditional values of the U.S. are given a voice through his work with the Willow Creek Association that looks to promote living life in the way we all feel is appropriate.


Lime Crime Makeup: At The Forefront Of Sexy Glam Trends


If you check out her makeup, you can pick up some similarities. All of the hip brand’s lipsticks, eye shadows and eye liners have this unmistakable modern appeal to them and a sexy, glam vibe, all the way around.

It takes a bit of nerve to put some on, and when you do, your entire makeup look is elevated. Doe Deere is the company’s CEO and founder, and right away, you can tell the brand is not the traditional, boring palettes we still see in drugstores and high end boutiques. There is nothing safe about Lime Crime cosmetics, and Doe Deere wouldn’t have it any other way.  The bold colors is the entire reason popularity on websites like Love Makeup, or BeautyBay.


The Russian born businesswoman was always intrigued with bright colors, and as a child, she played with these vivid, happy shades, applying makeup and having fun with a whimsical attitude about life. She later moved to New York City and picked up an entrepreneur’s spirit, dabbling in an Ebay fashion store, joining a rock band and then settling into the world of makeup.

Doe Deere wanted to fill a niche, because highly pigmented bright colors were nowhere to be found. So, the young woman with the candy-colored hair launched her own makeup brand in 2008. Women around the globe responded in a major way, and today, Lime Crime’s Instagram account boasts more than 2.4 million followers. In addition, Doe Deere graced the cover of Self-Made magazine, as one of their Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. Not bad, considering she was posing with Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington.


Lime Crime is at the forefront of the major style trends, because fashion and makeup go together perfectly. At the moment, makeup addicts have gone bonkers over the brand’s new Diamond Crushers. Talk about sensual; these iridescent lip toppers are so beautiful and sparkle like the divas all women are. These reflective “crushed diamond” cosmetics add a wonderful enhancement to the lips and face, depending on where you swipe them. Diamond Crushers are made with prismatic technology and come in six, sexy, fragrant shades and last and last on the lips.

Jim Hunt’s VTA Publications Wins the Attention Of Many


Jim Hunt is an entrepreneur as well as a financial advisor with a brilliant eye that spots market trades and interprets them accurately even for any new investor. He is the perfect investor to follow carefully if interested in making safe and worthy investments. Mr. Hunt has made it even easier by coming up with VTA Publication that helps people understand how the big banks work and, therefore, help people be in control of their financial future.

VTA Publications was put in place to give new investors’ confidence to invest widely and safely. It is an invention that gives Mr. Hunt the ability to hold your hand and take you through the investment process carefully through the phone or even by use of emails. He offers webinars and DVD training videos known as Wealth Wave which provide signals that have already been tried and tested.

The online courses presented by VTA Publications bring together various stories of successful investors with the intention of encouraging others to reach for the same success. A wide variety of investment ideas from different people with impressive portfolios are shared. This sharing of ideas also helps in building a vast network. Users are also able to learn and make the decisions from the comfort of their homes.

Since 2012, when VTA Publications came to existence, thousands of customers worldwide have had sufficient access to the digital and physical information that helps them in making successful investment decisions.

Jim Hunt is also highly disciplined hence setting goals and breaking them down to make them more achievable. He also uses Infusionsoft, a system that works well with the management of data. Mr. Hunt assures that the more one reads, the more knowledge they gain and therefore, the more chance they stand at prospering.

Jim Hunt is available on almost every social media platform with great advice and, therefore, it is simpler to follow him. Additionally, there are several articles in VTA Publications that can help in dealing with different challenges in the stock market as well as advice on how to make it safely in the stock market while avoiding tremendous losses.

Town Residential is an Uncommon Success Story

As a real estate agency in New York City, Town Residential has made a big name for themselves. The company has worked very hard to get where they are at and this is something that has made the business even better for the clients that they serve. It is not common for real estate agencies in New York City to be as successful as what Town Residential has been in such a short time. In three years, many real estate agencies in New York City become obsolete. In the same amount of time, Town has grown phenomenally since they first started.


The reason that so many real estate agencies do poorly is because of the market in New York City. There are too many people who are demanding homes and not enough homes to meet the supply that they are hoping for. The city is locked up and what is for sale goes really quickly when people are looking for a new home. This is a problem and is something that most people are not able to deal with. Town Residential, on the other hand, has thrived in this environment and has been able to give everything to their clients.


It is all about luxury for the people of Town Residential. They want to work to provide their clients with a high level of luxury and this means that they must work hard to be able to give them the things that they want. When they are giving luxury to their clients, they are giving them the chance to do the same thing that they want in their desires for their home. This has been a big way that they have been able to serve their clients. Their clients are nearly always happy with the luxury options that Town Residential has.


Town Residential now has ten offices. This is a lot of offices for a real estate company and it has been a big help for their clients. The offices that they have are spread around New York City and are able to help their clients no matter where they are at. While all of their offices are still on Manhattan, they are able to service every client who comes in from the different boroughs so that they will be able to come into the city and use the services that Town Residential has.


The company has plans for the future. They are going to grow even bigger than what they have and this is something that they have planned on doing in the time that they have been in business. One of the things that they are going to do first is expand to the different boroughs of New York City. They are hoping to create offices in each of the boroughs. They know that doing this will further increase their reach for their clients. Doing this will give them the chance to make more opportunities for clients, will give them a better shot at scoring more clients and will bring in more money.